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Spousal support

Spousal support is an amount paid by one spouse to the other to help support him or her after divorce.

There are several rules governing the granting of this pension.

It varies according to the ex-spouse's income, the length of the marriage, how long it takes to become self-sufficient and so on.

Child pension

The purpose of child support is to help one parent support the children and maintain a standard of living similar to that of the other parent.

Again, there are several factors that determine the amount of child support. It is predetermined according to fixed tables (in Quebec) but can also be indexed according to certain specific expenses (e. g. private school, sports and cultural activities, medical or other expenses).

Revision or cancellation of support payments

Pensions (payable to the spouse or for the benefit of the children) may vary according to the financial situation of former spouses.

Indeed, a significant change in the income of one of the former spouses, either upwards or downwards, may justify a change in the amount of pensions. In addition, changing needs can also be the source of a change request.

A young child does not have the same needs as a teenager.

Whether it is to fix a pension, to review it or to ask for its cancellation, a lawyer can guide you.

In the case of non-payment of support payments, there are remedies to enforce compliance with judgments or agreements.