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Our Support

We accompany you every step of the way

Before divorce

You are considering ending your relationship, but you have children and you have accumulated assets together.

Who will pay for the children's living expenses during the proceedings?

Who will occupy the family residence during and after separation?

Who will have custody of the children? What will be the boarding house for the children? Can a judge force me to sell my family home?

What about debts and mortgages? From our RRSPs and the pension fund?
Are you concerned about these and many other issues?

Family Law Lawyer Montreal

From the first meeting, we will take the time to understand your family and financial situation, analyze the facts and understand your goals. We will validate especially if actions are to be taken immediately to preserve your rights. This may include protecting your family home, or seizure before judgment to prevent property from being squandered.

We will decide together what approach to take. You'll have all the information you need to make informed decisions and know what to expect.

During the divorce

Your decision is made. There is no possibility of reconciliation.

Ending your union is the only way out. Divorce or separation is a step that does not need to be a nightmare, as long as dialogue is possible.

Several options are available to you, depending on the opening of the games.

But when the context so requires, recourse to the courts can be the only solution.

Family Law Lawyer Montreal

Out-of-court divorce

Do you agree (or almost agree) on the terms of your separation?

By using our amicable divorce services, you save time and money. You could get your divorce in two to three months.
If you feel that an amicable procedure is possible in your situation, contact us, we can help you to obtain a divorce judgment quickly and without major upheavals or hassle.
A turnkey service!

You won't have to go to court.
We take care of everything. Our out-of-court divorce services include a free consultation at our offices.

Agreement negotiated between lawyers

If an amicable divorce is difficult, then the possibility of meeting the opposing party is considered.

We support you in the negotiation of all important points and will try to reach an agreement on divorce or separation covering all aspects such as the division of assets and liabilities, custody of your children, visiting rights, travel abroad, alimony and other family-friendly claims.

This would avoid a painful and costly contested divorce.

Representation before the courts

When there is no meeting point between two parties with different points of view, we will provide you with appropriate remedies and effective strategies to ensure that you have every opportunity to appear in court.

Different stakeholders may be required to best defend your case. We will guide you to the best professionals, such as evaluators, accountants, psychologists or other experts acting before the Court, all in the language of your choice.

For litigation before the courts, we will defend your rights tirelessly. It's many years of experience and a network that will defend your rights and interests.

Avocate droit familial Montréal

After the divorce

We remain available after your divorce or separation to advise and assist you as your needs and those of your children evolve.

Avocate droit familial Montréal

Financial interests

  • Has your financial situation deteriorated? Has your ex-spouse's income increased?

You can apply to change a pension so that pension amounts are adjusted based on the ability of parents to pay while protecting the interests of the children.

  • Your spouse is not following a judgment or agreement approved by the court?

There are ways to enforce a divorce decree, we can guide you to various solutions to assert your rights and those of your children, up to the seizure of wages or assets.

Child care

  • Need to update certain visitation rights or change your child's custody?

Your availability is increasing and you want to review custody accordingly? Have your children signalled their desire to live with you? Do you have concerns about your ex-spouse's behaviour with your children and want to limit their access rights? A host of new facts may justify an application for a child custody review.

  • You are moving to another city or country and want to change the residence of your minor children or, on the contrary, your ex-spouse wants to settle abroad?

Your career path may require you to move to another city or country to take advantage of certain opportunities.

You must probably change the custody or residence of the children when you go to court.

  • Do you want to travel with your children but your ex-spouse doesn't collaborate or on the contrary, do you have concerns about your children travelling abroad with your ex-spouse?

When travelling outside the country with children, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the other parent, even if you have custody, in order to prevent the abduction of children to another country. If your ex-spouse does not give you permission, you can ask the court for permission.