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Child support

Child care is a major source of conflict, and child care is often at the heart of disputes, which is not surprising given the emotional stakes involved.

The overall approach of the courts is to make a decision in the best interests of the child, which implies that the child continues to have the maximum contact with both parents.

But there are several other factors that may play a decisive role in the awarding of custody, whether it is sole custody to one parent or joint custody

Garde d'enfants Montréal

In the event of a custody dispute, we provide you with a wide range of expert psychologists who can advise the court on the best interests of your children. In some cases, it would be appropriate to request the appointment of an independent prosecutor to represent children.

Child custody

Our services are not intended to tell you when and how to see your children, it goes beyond offering you a choice of visiting hours.

We will let you tell us earlier about the access rights you would like to exercise, the experiences you want to have with your children, the holidays and holidays that are important to you, and based on an analysis of your lifestyle, we will come up with a plan adapted to your family.

International Child Abduction

In recent years, the number of international child abductions has been increasing.

This type of abduction usually occurs when one parent has been refused custody of his or her child or is afraid of losing it.

He then reacted by bringing it to another country.

The purpose of this act is, on the one hand, to deprive the other parent of his or her rights of custody or access and, on the other hand, to try to obtain custody of his or her child in a foreign country.

It is important to know that there are ways to prevent the abduction of a child from Quebec to another country.

There are also ways to seek the return of a child to his or her habitual residence.

Parental alienation

Parental alienation is a process by which a parent programs the minds of children so as to exclude the other parent from their lives.

When the process is complete and successful, children no longer want to see the other parent, or even fear them.

It is the stuffing of children's skulls and the extreme devaluation of the other parent.

If this applies to you, it is urgent to consult us to bring the matter before the courts before the situation becomes irreversible.